Terms of Reference

  • To strengthen working relationships with the user community, esp. with representatives from user groups, via the ICAO MARIE-PT;

  • To analyse the user needs from an innovative and high-level scientific perspective and perform a gap analysis with current MET capabilities;

  • To collate examples of best practice of MET services to ATM from Members and to demonstrate them in the ICAO MARIE-PT;

  • Set up verification and validation measures, in line to ATM performance requirements delivered by the ICAO MARIE-PT

  • To elaborate and coordinate the development of proposals of new MET services to ATM, with scientific basis and supported by well communicated verification and validation, in response to requests from the ICAO MARIE-PT;

  • To investigate the role of the human forecaster in view of new MET services to ATM;

  • To propose draft MSTA proposals supported by ICAO and the user community, with a view to their adoption at the next WMO/ICAO conjoint meeting in 2014 and their eventual inclusion in relevant ICAO guidance material(s):

  • To assist the ICAO MARIE-PT in their deliverables;

  • To follow-up all Aviation XML (e.g. WXXM) related activities

  • To bring the CAeM needs, for example the MSTA related MET Information Exchange needs, into the work of the CBS Task Team on Aviation XML;

  • To collate Aviation XML related information and to make it available to CAeM Members